Mikumi National Park is lying just to the North of the famous Selous Game Reserve. Gazetted in 1964 covering an area of 3230 km2, The Park is the fifth largest National Park in Tanzania. It is in one eco system with Selous Game Reserve making the animals (Elephants, Buffalos, and Zebras) migrate to and from the northern part of the reserve into the park.

The spectacular concentration of variety of animals in Mikumi National Park including four of the big five, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. The ever changing skies and light producing glorious sun rise and sun set.

Other attractions include the world’s largest Antelope Eland, greater Kudu, Sable Antelopes, Defassa Waterbuck and African Hunting dogs.

Mikumi National Park is located 288Km (About 173 Miles) west of Dar es salam and 107 Km (67 Miles) from Morogoro town by the high way from Dar to Iringa


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